Waiting for the Train.

On a trip to the “Smoke” (Glasgow) yesterday, I thought I would try my hand at something different to my usual photographic style.  Travelling by train (brave I know), I arrived at Glasgow Central station with a few minutes to spare between connections.  So I took the opportunity to so some candid or “street photography” on the station concourse.  This image was th result, showing a couple looking up at the arrivals board on the concourse.

Couple awaiting their train at Glasgow Railway station.

Couple awaiting their train at Glasgow Railway station.

To photograph on the station I had to get permission, one guy (look like the station manager was fine, delighted in fact), but the Customer Services person was a bit more grumpy, and wanted to know if I was going to be using a tripod. Answer: No! What I didn’t say was that the camera (a Minolta DSLR) has inbuilt stabilisation and at 1/80th of a second shutter speed I was almost guaranteed a sharp image!

Any way see what you think, its a radical departure from my usual style. I like the mono version as the other huge number of colours in the colour version is distracting.

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