Worshop Portrait II

Same person, 2 cameras and 2 different lighting styles.

Dumfries Cobbler

George the Dumfries Cobbler
Taken using just available light on a Nikon D200

George is the local cobbler in my nearest town (Dumfries). The first time I photographed him he was repairing a customers boots, I only had a DSLR with me, not lighting equipment. I took this portrait looking through a narrow doorway from the from of the shop looking into the workroom at the back. Using the softlight from the large shop windows behind me.  Seperation of sorts was from a fluorescent tube light in the celing of the workroom.

Geroge the Watch Repairer
George repairing a watch for a customer. Taken using a Canon 30D using a flash in a shoot through umbrella to camera left.

Jump forward 3 weeks, and I was again passing George’s shop, but this tme I had my camera bag with me which contained my other camera and a flashgun. I took the flash off camera and placed it to the left of the camera and pointed it at George. I put a shoot-through umbrella between the flash and George to  soften the light and increase the drop off so that the workshop behind George is visible but only just, concentrating the viewers attention on George and what he is doing.

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